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    Understanding the Value of Your Current Patients to Your Future Success

    Without a solid plan for retaining current patients, growth will not be possible or will be minimized at best. This white paper discusses how patient retention is a multidimensional issue that requires a multidimensional approach.

    A few of the topics in this white paper include:

    · How to communicate with patients
    · What is an acceptable rate of attrition
    · Using social media to retain patients

    Download this white paper to learn more about best practices to retain patients.

  • Discover the secret sauce of patient satisfaction

    Discover the secret sauce of patient satisfaction

    Don't leave your patients adrift on the patient island

    Healthcare practices are scrambling to juggle the ever-increasing number of regulations, demands, and expectations placed upon their shoulders. As a result, an unfortunate side effect has emerged—many patients report feeling rushed, ignored, or “like they are adrift on a patient island.” But there is a simple solution: compassion. Compassion based care has been found to have an astounding effect on both patients and practices.

    How can you bring compassion back to the forefront of your practice?

  • Third Annual Ophthalmic Professional Salary Survey

    Third Annual Ophthalmic Professional Salary Survey

    Based on the Third Annual Ophthalmic Professional Subscriber Survey conducted from May 24, 2017 to June 12, 2017. 427 individual subscribers to the magazine responded to one of three email survey waves.

    This report includes management, specialist, and staff positions across the United States, as well as breakdown of salary and benefits by key primary positions.

    This report is provided to the ophthalmic community of professionals and doctors on a complimentary basis in 2017 thanks to the support provided by its participating advertisers.