Viewpoint from the Editor

New Year’s resolution: Focus on staff training

As we embark on a new year, I recommend that you focus on your team in 2018, helping them to grow both personally and professionally. Enhancing your commitment to staff training is a worthwhile goal, and one that will help your practice achieve and sustain excellence.

Don’t just take my word for it; read about all the benefits of staff training in this issue’s cover story on Eye Physicians & Surgeons of Arizona.

The result of proper training

A glaucoma specialty practice well-known for its “exceptional patient experience,” Eye Physicians & Surgeons of Arizona deserves to be on this issue’s cover. It serves as an excellent case study and shows us “what good looks like.” Before a patient steps into the office and long after he or she leaves, the staff of Eye Physicians & Surgeons of Arizona performs all of their duties with the patient in mind. From start to finish, this successful practice clearly demonstrates how proper and regular training of every employee across all departments allows staff to work as a unified group and provide a consistent, quality experience.

I believe that an ongoing commitment to staff training is the right thing for staff and patients. Practice success rests on your employees as they are the “face” of the company. There is no doubt in my mind that it’s the well-trained staff of Eye Physicians & Surgeons of Arizona that has enabled the practice to thrive in a challenging business climate.

Even more for staff

This issue of Ophthalmic Professional features a number of other articles that I believe will help you and your team meet and exceed patient expectations in 2018. In particular, make sure you read the following staff-focused articles:

  • Advances in OCTA, which explains how optical coherence tomography angiography imaging technology can be used for initial diagnosis and to follow treatment of various diseases.
  • Finding your work-life balance, which offers advice on how to achieve excellence and avoid burnout by separating your professional life and personal life.

I hope you enjoy this issue of OP. Remember, you are only as good as your team, so be sure to focus on your employees in the new year … and beyond. OP