Viewpoint from the Editor

A season of giving thanks

“Thank you” is a simple two-word phrase that can mean so much to so many. It conveys appreciation for a kindness, a gesture or a job well done. During the holiday season, we hear it spoken frequently, although not always with sincerity. The season of appreciation begins with Thanksgiving when many family members begin their meals by stating for what they are thankful.

The holiday season ends with the start of a new year and the resolve to make some changes. One such change we can make now, without waiting for the year to end, is to say thank you more often in the workplace, especially to co-workers and staff. We thank our patients at the end of the exam or work up but may neglect to acknowledge someone for helping us with a challenging task, or the teamwork necessary to get through a difficult day. Contributor Rose Malczynski, COA, explains how this simple phrase goes far to improve morale in today’s busy ophthalmology office (page 26).

‘Tis the season

With the holidays and winter comes the cold, dry weather for many — and an increase in dry eye symptoms. Therefore, the focus of this issue of OP is dry eye. Our featured practice is The Eye Institute of South Florida where The Dry Eye Center of Excellence is flourishing (page 8). They share some of their secrets to success as well as how they have found dry eye can affect surgical outcomes.

Closely related to dry eye is ocular allergy. We have included an article to help you distinguish between a dry eye and allergy diagnosis and recommend the proper treatments for each condition (page 14).

Another article focuses on the recently released Dry Eye Workshop II (DEWS II) and their recommendations regarding appropriate dry eye management at various stages (page 16).

A “social” time of year

We would like to thank each of you for being our loyal readers and sharing our posts on social media. We are also grateful for your continued suggestions and feedback.

On behalf of Co-Chief Editor Bruce Maller, our editorial board, and the entire staff of Ophthalmic Professional, I wish you a very happy holiday season and a happy, healthy, peaceful new year. OP