Viewpoint from the Editor

Become a visionary

This issue’s cover article takes readers behind the scenes at Visionary Eye Doctors of Maryland and Washington, DC — a practice that lives up to its name. This insightful piece paints a clear picture of a practice that is truly visionary. Of course, it is a clever play on words, as we are in the eye-care profession. But, don’t be fooled. In this case, visionary means strategic.

Strategic thinking in action

Visionary Eye Doctors — with its caring, patient-centric focus on serving a highly “ethno-racially diverse” market — is exceeding patient expectations today because it strategically scanned the horizon to see what was coming. The practice studied its market, analyzed its unique patient mix, evaluated staff, and monitored its skill sets to carefully build the team, tools, and resources needed to survive — and thrive — when the future became the present. That’s called strategic planning … and it’s a critical component to the success of any practice.

BSM Consulting anchors our annual strategic planning meeting with a detailed SWOT analysis that identifies our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. We do this to position ourselves to meet our customers’ future needs. To be successful, we need to be out in front. We need to be visionary.

Ophthalmic Professional itself is a visionary tool. Through the insights and ideas presented by our talented team of writers and editors, OP provides relevant and timely information to help you understand the eye-care industry so you can make better strategic business decisions.

In addition to the cover story, several articles will help sharpen your vision:

  • Christian Arikape, PharmD, at Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, provides an overview of the current medications used for diagnostics, including mydriatics, dyes, and anesthetics, as well as a discussion of the staff’s role in educating patients.
  • Through interviews with surgeons and staff, contributing editor Joseph Jalkiewicz explains how practices educate patients on the latest premium intraocular lenses.
  • Dianna E. Graves, COMT, presents tips on what you can do to prevent your staff from leaving — or being lured away.
  • Andrew Maller, MBA, of BSM Consulting, provides a basic understanding of commonly used financial terms in the ophthalmic practice and explains how the terms impact the practice.

Enjoy what you see in this issue! OP