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Key-Whitman: taking the lead

Key-Whitman: taking the lead

Lessons from the Dallas practice that excels in patient care, technology, compliance, clinical trials and employee satisfaction.

When the pharmacy calls

When the pharmacy calls

The first in this two-part series discusses the challenges practices face when the pharmacist requests changes to the patient’s prescription.

Managing intravitreal injections

Managing intravitreal injections

With an influx of patients receiving injections, practices must take steps to ensure they remain efficient.


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Tech Tips

Use EHR to Share Appropriate Data

In addition to our Clinical Visit Summaries, our electronic health record makes a very efficient process of sending examination reports primary care physicians and other eye specialists.

Getting this follow up data to our patients' other care givers helps to ensure the right instructions are reinforced continually for best compliance and patient support.

- Laurie K. Brown, COMT Practice Administrator, Drs. Fine, Hoffman & Sims, Eugene, OR

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