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March 2014


A physician advises on staff’s role in Preoperative testing for cataract surgery patients
Uday Devgan, MD, FACS, FRCS, Los Angeles
Measurements prior to surgery can have a great impact on visual acuity.

Managing the ASC schedule when The Unexpected Happens
Pamela Major, CASC, Boston, MA
Cancellations, misbookings, urgent add-on surgeries all take a toll on a well-planned schedule. Here’s how to restore order and get back on course.

Image Management Systems organize a wealth of photos
Bill Kekevian, Senior Associate Editor
Ophthalmology practices take a lot of pictures. Tracking them down is finally getting easier.

Getting a handle on Stage 2 Requirements
Darla Shewmaker, Villa Hills, KY
Even if you’ve had success with Stage 1 meaningful use requirements, pay attention to the changes included in Stage 2.

Patients may not be aware of symptoms Detecting Ocular Allergy
René Luthe, Contributing Editor
Technicians must develop their sleuthing skills to help patients find relief.

Where to begin? Practical steps for Starting ICD-10
Patricia Kennedy, COMT, CPC, COE, Duncanville, Texas
The first in our series on the new coding system identifies the 8 steps every practice should take to prepare for October 2014.

PART 2 Mitigating Disgruntled Patıents
Hans K. Bruhn, MHS, San Francisco, CA
Prevent the opening for a medical malpractice suits by planning for patient threats.

5 questions with consultant Derek Preece about Improving project management skills

Your practice is looking for leaders within its ranks. Will you step up?


Viewpoint from the Co-Editor
Jane Shuman, COT, COE, OCS, Co-Editor
Here’s to a warm, calm and productive spring.

Opening Lines
By Bill Kekevian, Senior Associate Editor

Customer Service
By Elizabeth Holloway, Clearwater, FL.
Using top customer service skills isn’t a quality reserved for patients. Your co-workers deserve the same treatment.

By Jolynn Cook, RN, COE, CASC
Are your practice’s marketing and advertising initiatives, including those on social media, compliant with FDA and FTC regulations?

By Paul Larson, MBA, MMSc, COMT, COE, CPC, CPMA
Learn when and how to code for the diagnosis and correction of this conditions that affects nearly 1 in 3 Americans.